Michael Lieber

September 12th, 2009 by davidkim

Movies. Music. Sports. Michael Lieber is a pop-culture fanatic who comes to Chicago from Queens, New York. Without exception, Michael familiarizes himself with a film every day. When he isn’t pelting his dodgeball opponents, Michael participants as a dedicated mentor in the Digital Cinema Mentorship program. Writing dialogue has been deemed by peers & professors alike as Michael’s strength. He is currently co-writing–with Actingout screenwriter Brittani Smith–an occasionally campy high school murder mystery called Homewrecker.

Current Scripts:

  • Loans

    A man applies for a loan via prayer. (Comedy)

  • Give ‘Em Heaven

    A new take on the eternal battle of good and evil…on a baseball diamond. (Comedy)

You can contact Mike at mlieber1@students.depaul.edu