Michael Habschmidt

February 15th, 2010 by MichaelH

Growing up minutes outside of Chicago, Mike Habschmidt decided to move that extra minute into the city attending DePaul University. Mike is a comedy screenwriter who is currently working on a double major in Marketing and Digital Cinema. The personal importance of never passing up an opportunity to be put in an unorthodox situation gives Mike the inspiration he needs to find something funny in just about anything.  Dark comedies are Mike’s main focus when writing, but he is not limited by any means.

Current Scripts:

  • Two Steps

    Turns of phrase are not always harmless. (Comedy)

  • The Hate Boat

    This is not a popular 70’s television show. (Comedy)

  • Kidnapped

    No, you do not want kids, I assure you. (Tragicomedy)

  • Jocks

    When football players have drama, and cheerleaders can bench their own body-weight (Comedy)

You can contact Michael at mikehabs@aol.com