Meg Fry

September 12th, 2009 by Meg

Meg Fry, a Senior screenwriter and filmmaker at DePaul University in Chicago, enjoys writing sketches, short films, and feature length films centered on comedic awkwardness in relationships or dramatic relationships between strangers. In her spare time, Meg studies improvisation at The Second City, and produces many of her own films and those of her classmates for future premieres and festivals. A native Jersey Girl, Meg intends to continue pursuing her filmmaking and acting career in New York upon her graduation in 2010. You can contact Meg at
Current Scripts:
“A comedic realization in the bitterness of unrequited love.”

A young man is surprised to discover that the woman he’s been dating does not believe she’s dating anyone at all. (Comedy)

“Wisdom in youth can help to change old-fashioned values.”

After ignoring her husband’s pleas not to terminate their pregnancy, a cynical businesswoman’s ideals are challenged by a small child in the doctor’s waiting area. (Drama)

Modern Conservatives
“Conservatives can own sex toys too.”

While shopping in a sex toy shop, two straight men discuss how their conservative values will make them appear more attractive to the same woman. (Comedy)

“Church, prostitution, retribution; exploring topics left unsaid.”

A priest must come to terms with the two women that have brought him to reconsider his faith: a disobedient nun, and a realistic prostitute. (Drama)

What I Did For Love
“Love knows no boundaries, except when it comes to cleanliness.”

A young man with severe OCD must learn to sacrifice his cleanliness for the comfort and support of his live-in girlfriend. (Comedy)