September 25th, 2009 by Andrew

What is the main purpose behind creating this group?

Actingout.org is the collected work of a writer’s group who has created a library of scripts.  These can be optioned by filmmakers for a nominal fee working directly with the screenwriters.

Does the ActingOut group accept new members?

Writers can be invited into the group with sponsorship of two members of the Actingout group.  Membership is limited in number and subject to availability.

Does the site accept outside scripts?

Yes; scripts which carefully meet the tone and manner guides on the site will be considered for inclusion under the “affiliate” section.  Email actingoutinfo@gmail.com for more information.

How much are the options?

Each writer holds his or her individual copyright.  The sample option agreement price is up to each writer and subject to change from deal to deal.  Options range from $1.00 to one million dollars.

Are these scripts limited to student producers?

No, scripts posted on Actingout.org are available for production from many originating producers.

Can we rewrite scripts that are on the site?

Outside rewrites are only done with prior written permission, in advance, from the writer.