Brittani Smith

September 12th, 2009 by davidkim

As a filmmaker, Brittani Smith typically functions within a sexuality niche, although recent short scripts oscillate between random & dark comedy. She occasionally acts (e.g. Fallout, an Iowa City television series) and made her directorial debut this summer with an experimental narrative film entitled redBLUE, currently in post-production. Brittani interns at Women in Film Chicago, maintains a position as senator in DePaul University’s Digital Cinema Collaborative (DCC), and fulfills a writing fellowship. Brittani expects to graduate from DePaul University in June of 2010 and plans to continue screenwriting within the city of Chicago indefinitely.

Current Scripts:

  • Snow Tunes

    In the spirit of the holidays, an inquisitive musical prodigy offers friendship to the music teacher who helps her achieve her goals. (Christmas Musical)

  • Cookie’s Kids

    A teenage boy in search of love and normalcy is hindered by the legacy of an ambitious stripper: his mother. (Comedy)

  • Sins of the Father

    In the wake of his father’s death, Jack grows to resent the ways in which he has become the man he mourns.  (Drama)

  • Invitation Only

    Colin needs help getting to his appointment on time…to view an execution. Enter Tracy, age 8. (Comedy)

  • Normalcy

    After a professional football player loses his wife and suffers a career-ending injury, he struggles with the minutia of everyday life.

  • Electronics

    When dog-sitting for a neighbor goes awry, Rachel attempts the impossible. (Comedy)

  • Dynamics

    After their working relationship takes an unexpected turn, two women realize that their sexual identities are rather malleable. (Romance) Directed by Evagrace Torres Madrid in June, 2009.

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