Andrew Messer

September 12th, 2009 by Andrew

Andrew Messer is Chicago-based screenwriter. Originally from Minneapolis, he has traveled across seas, borders and wide expanses of the mind to understand human relationships. Andrew moves fluidly between comedy and drama and lives a life somewhere in between.

Current Scripts:

  • Give and Take

    A short metaphor for the beginning and end of puppy love. (Comedy)

  • Correspondence Course

    Education can be your wingman at the bar, too. (Comedy)

  • Fortune

    Marty learns that fortune cookies should never be taken for granted. (Comedy)

  • Used Yours

    An eye for an eye. (Comedy)

  • Blood-Rose

    What happens when love is unacceptable? (Drama)

  • Afterglow

    Mistakes happen, but love overcomes regret. (Drama)

  • Overdose of Truth

    Some things are better left unsaid. (Drama)

  • In Vino, Veritas

    Love, alcohol, hate. (Drama)

  • Triage

    Distraction from the thought of losing the person held dearest. (Drama)

  • Smoke Rings

    Buried feelings between two friends appear in a haze of smoke. (Drama)

  • Exodus

    A simple and harsh display of hatred and justice. (Drama)

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